Our Mission is to connect an enthusiastic community, share useful knowledge, encourage hidden talents to flourish and help create confident determined achievers.

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We're on a bit of mission… We want to help everyone realise their potential and see their talents flourish.

Who are we...

We’re unashamed geeks. We get really excited about all the possibilities our clever tech can bring. Really fired up about how we can use our platform to bring people together in game-changing ways. And really inspired about the kind of future that we can help bring about. We love sharing new ideas and innovations in the worlds of education & tech. And searching out cool new ways to spread knowledge - and spread the word about different ways of accessing and enjoying it.


What we do...

We bring the best local teachers, tutors and activity organisers together to connect with parents and students. So everyone can quickly and easily find who and what they need, and feel more confident about the future.


Our mission...

In our lively, exuberant and vibrant way we enable people to do more with their lives. We’re the catalyst for change. The spark that lights the fuse that causes an explosion of ideas, options, possibilities. We simplify the process of discovery, making it easy to see how you can grasp transformative new opportunities. We make kids feel they can achieve their goals. We make parents feel someone understands them and can help. And we make teachers feel valued and reassured.


Why we do this...

Because together we can do pretty amazing things, and help our kids to grow up ready to take on, and change, the world.

To find out more about Classhub and why we believe we can help give your kids the skills and outlook on life they need for a happy, prosperous future, you can download our White paper here