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How Online Tutoring Can Help Keep Your Children’s Education on Track

Life has always been full of surprises - and that’s truer today than it ever has been before. A great deal of change is happening across our social, political and economic landscapes right now. The world is in flux, and this poses a particular challenge to children and adolescents in the education system. 

However, even when times are tough, there are things you can do to bring balance to your child’s life and keep their education on track. One such thing is availing of an online tutoring service. In this article, we’re going to examine some reasons why online tutoring could be the perfect way to keep your child’s education on track (no matter what the coming months bring).  

1. Online tutoring is always available, wherever your child is studying.

Even if schools close or teachers are absent, online tutoring will be available to your child. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. Whereas conventional schooling requires a classroom, teacher, school building and transport to and from the premises, all online tutoring requires is an Internet-ready device (even a phone will do) and a willingness to learn. 

Your child's access to their online tutor is unaffected by their access to the classroom. As long as both parties are ready to engage, this connection is safe. 

2. Online tutoring reinforces classroom concepts by encouraging students to develop a deeper understanding of them.

While online tutoring can work as a substitute for conventional learning in times of crisis, it's at its best when paired with the traditional classroom approach. Teachers will have a way of explaining things that'll suit some students more than others, and even the brightest student will be confused by what they've covered in class from time to time. 

With an online tutor, your child can clarify these areas of confusion, giving them a deeper understanding of the subject as a whole.

3. Online tutors can provide plans tailored specifically to your child's weaknesses and strengths.

Even the best teachers will have some gaps in their knowledge. There are always areas of the curriculum teachers will gloss over, or just fail to explain adequately to students. A good tutor will see these gaps in your child's knowledge and correct them with a plan designed to cover that material first. 

In this way, tutors shore up their students' understanding of a subject, allowing them to gain competency with tricky topics and master material they're already familiar with.

4. Unlike a multi-student classroom, online tutoring provides a safe, comfortable environment for students to ask questions in.

There's nothing worse than sitting lost and confused in the back of a classroom, praying that you won't be called to answer the teacher's next question. It's always embarrassing to admit that you don't know something; but it's even worse to have to ask for help in front of a room filled with your peers!

Online tutoring provides a safer environment for students to ask questions by virtue of their sessions being one-on-one. With nobody but their tutor to impress, students are more willing to admit when they don't know

something and need a helping hand. This allows them to fill in knowledge gaps that might otherwise go unseen until exam time.

5. Online tutoring provides specific direction for independent study

When it comes to exams, students' results will be based not just on what they've learned in the classroom, but by what they've absorbed during their periods of solo study. Both are essential parts of the equation. Without a clear study guide, students can waste a lot of time studying topics they already know, that don't work well as independent topics, or that simply won't serve them as well as others in the exam.

An online tutor can help keep your child's education on track not just through lessons, but through individually-crafted study plans. In a classroom of 20+ students, no teacher can provide unique help to everyone while covering the syllabus – but this is where an online tutor can pick up the slack. By addressing your child's individual concerns and helping them find a study plan that's right for them, a good tutor will ensure every student's adequately prepared when exam time rolls around.

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