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Ways To Help Your Children Handle The Pressures of Education, Exams and Studying At Home

2020 has been a uniquely stressful year for the world - and it’s no different for students. The rise of distance learning and homeschooling have introduced a new set of challenges into the lives of students around the world. Even so, there are still ways you can help your children handle the educational pressures they face. This is particularly important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has likely limited your children's social movements as well as restricted their access to classroom education. Now more than ever, we need to provide support to our youth.

In this article, we’ll talk about some ways you can help your children to cope better with the stress and pressure of their education. 

  1. Understand (and cater to) your child's specific needs.

This one is obvious. To take the best care of your child that you can, you'll need to learn what makes them tick.

What subjects do they struggle with? Which do they find easiest? What's the best way to motivate them to study - are they motivated by rewards, praise, etc., or do they just enjoy feeling smarter and being able to answer questions with confidence? It goes without saying that every child is different, so it's worth getting to know how your child functions in a regular classroom setting so you can nudge them forward with their studies. If you have the opportunity to do so, you should ask their teachers for advice on this.

  1. Ensure your child takes adequate breaks and is free to explore subjects of interest separate to the curriculum.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a few dozen wrenches in the works of children around the globe, who suddenly find themselves with no after-school sports, music or other hobbies to occupy their time. That makes maintaining work-life balance a little harder than usual. Ordinarily, all you'd have to do is make sure your child is getting enough time away from their studies to relax and unwind with their friends... but depending on where you are in the world, this might not even be an option at the moment. 

    That alone makes things much harder for families. However, instead of lamenting what's been lost, think instead about the upside. You now have an opportunity to engage with your children in a more deliberate capacity than you might have had in the past. 

    Aside from making sure they don't study too hard or for too long (what a nice problem to have!), you could take this time to teach kids about something you know, like cooking or playing an instrument, and keep their extra-curriculars alive with a "club" of your own. If you don’t have a shared interest, consider picking up something new together. You’re limited only by your creativity when it comes to this. Start a family book club, watch and discuss movies together, paint a picture following a Youtube tutorial, take walks around your local area - each of these activities will benefit your child in their own way and help to relieve some of the pressure they feel. 

    1. Keep them in regular contact with either their teachers or an online tutor.

    Maintaining regular contact with an educator is vital to any student's education. Left to their own devices, even the most responsible children will get a little lazy with no one to keep them on track. And oftentimes, parental guidance isn't enough to correct that. 

    That's why it's crucial to find a teacher (or tutor) your child trusts and respects enough to take advice from. It doesn't need to be prolonged contact, either. A quick check-in to assess that they're working independently and to set new, realistic study goals can be enough to make a big difference to a student's work ethic. It'll also help them avoid a pile-up of work that could create massive stress.

    Oftentimes, stress comes when a student feels as if they’re under more pressure than they can overcome by themselves. Working with a tutor they trust to develop a comprehensive study plan will give them the confidence they need to feel relaxed as they learn. 


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