Tips on making the most of Classhub
Whether you’re an excited first timer, all shiny and brand new to the world of tutoring, or a seasoned pro looking for new ways to maximise your earning potential, Classhub is for you. Below we’ve put together some handy tips to help you improve your profile and get noticed. We have also added an earnings calculator with some suggested rates to help you understand your earning potential.
Earning calculator i
Find out what you can earn per month
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These estimates are net of Classhub fees. See fee structure here
Earnings from these works are liable for income tax. Read the guidelines for the evaluation of income tax here.
Suggested rates i
Check the average hourly cost for tutoring
Grinds / Activities Cost per single class i

Primary School Subjects €35
Junior Cert Subjects €45
Leaving Cert Subjects €50
Irish Dancing Lessons €40
Music Lessons €30
Arts & Crafts Lessons €60
Primary School Subjects €35
Junior Cert Subjects €45
Leaving Cert Subjects €50
Irish Dancing Lessons €40
Music Lessons €30
Arts & Crafts Lessons €60
Creating an eye catching profile
Pick the right pic
Your profile is much more likely to be viewed by having a pic. So that little square is actually a hugely important way to make a good impression. You don’t need to pay a professional photographer. Just think about a few elements that can help you look likeable, professional and trustworthy. Don’t have a distracting background or wear distracting clothes, don’t make it hard for people to actually see your face (i.e. don’t be waving from a nearby mountain peak) and try to go for natural - if you’re not comfortable smiling, think approachability and warmth rather than a toothy grin.
Your bio - all about you
This is the chance to tell your story. And like any good story, hook your audience in with a strong opening statement. What sets you apart? Why do you love teaching? How do you like to teach. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality. Even when you’re telling about your experience, where and what you’ve taught, your successes. People like to work with people, after all. So include your hobbies and interests. It all helps you stand out and present yourself to parents as someone their kids will like to learn from. If you haven’t taught before then talk about relevant volunteering experiences in teaching or mentoring. And watch out for grammar and spelling errors.
Give as much availability as you can
We believe that availability is a very important factor for parents when choosing a tutor so we encourage all tutors and activity providers to have a long think about what time can you really make available to tutoring and add these to your availability chart when setting up your profile. We all know that life can be busy and plans can change so the more you are available to tutor the more interest you will get by parents.
Get ratings and reviews
Ratings and reviews from parents and pupils are a great way to boost your profile and build up trust, credibility and reputation - all so important in the world of teaching. So don’t be shy in asking happy parents and inspired students to rate and review you after your lessons.
Communication is key
You’ll find that parents always tend to ask questions before they book. So replying quickly (and helpfully) to their queries is hugely important. It helps them make an informed decision about who they are going to book. And shows that you are the sort of helpful, easy to deal with, ‘on it’ type that they want to be booking.
Share your profile and build awareness
When your profile is live you can grow your business instantly on ClassHub. You can share your profile on Facebook, WhatsApp and by email to all your contacts, the ClassHub sharing feature allows you share a professionally designed template that when clicked by one of your contacts will bring them straight to your profile.
Setting your prices
If you’re new to this world, then it can be tricky to know how much you should be charging. Thankfully help is at hand. When you list your class, our Earnings Calculator* will help you to set the right price for your level of experience and the type of class you offer. *Based on research conducted in the Irish and Dublin market 2018
Refund policy
Click here to see more details about refunds.
Get more out of teaching
Classhub makes it easy for you to share your knowledge and pass on skills for life, in a way that suits you.
More simple to be found
It’s quick and easy to list the subjects and classes you teach, and get booked up and paid online.
More control
You choose your own availability and how you teach to fit in with your life, and you engage directly with your students.
Designed to change lives
Build confidence, boost brains and help create well rounded, happy, curious young people.
Start smart
View your ‘Listing My Class’ checklist before you begin and make sure you make the right impression.
Setting up a Profile
  • High resolution profile pic, looking friendly, trustworthy and professional
  • An engaging and interesting bio, with bags of personality
  • Add as many subjects to your profile that you feel comfortable with and have experience in.
  • Past pupil or parent testimonials/reviews/recommendations
  • All my relevant skills, experience and qualifications
  • My (flexible) availability
  • My price - set for my level of experience and type of class I teach
  • I’m ready to respond to any enquiries about my class, quickly and helpfully
  • All grammar, punctuation and spelling checked
  • I’ve asked a friend for feedback
Some things to consider before you list
Transparency creates trust
It sounds a bit obvious but making sure your profile information is accurate, honest and true will help you establish great relationships with parents from the off. It means pupils get the experience they want, and you get repeat bookings and rave reviews.
One hub, one way to get paid
To make sure we can pay you as quickly and efficiently as possible, we manage all payments through our own website, and so no other payment methods are possible.
Here to help you deal with the unexpected
Our friendly members of staff are on hand to support you, and we will get back to your email within 24hrs. So if there’s a problem, or you find yourself wondering why the bookings aren’t coming in thick and fast, please get in touch and we can help.