Trust on Classhub

Trust on Classhub

Classhub was created with the aim of connecting an enthusiastic community of tutors and activity providers with parents and students in order to encourage hidden talents to flourish and create confident and determined achievers.

Classhub isn’t an agency - we’re a marketplace. Our aim is to provide every parent and student, who visits our platform, with all of the information they need on the tutors and activity providers who list classes on our site, so they can quickly and easily determine who is best placed to help them achieve their learning or activity goals.

Trust and safety is of paramount importance to us and all of the students, parents, tutors and activity providers who are part of our community. That’s why we seek to be completely transparent about what we do and what we don’t and the steps we take as a platform to provide the highest levels of trust and security, and what you can do to help provide a safe learning environment.

Accepting tutors and activity providers on to the site

We require every tutor and activity provider to complete a full profile - which includes adding a bio, their qualifications, a photo of themselves, their teaching preferences and the areas they cover - before their class can go live on the site. Classhub check each profile and use our best endeavours to ensure that tutors and class providers only offer subjects and after school activities they have suitable qualifications and backgrounds to teach, at a rate we deem to be fair and reasonable.

Ratings & Reviews

All ratings are from verified users who have booked and received tuition or participated in an after school activity through the classhub platform.

Tutor and activity provider qualifications

We are not able to ask every Tutor or activity provider for proof of their qualifications, instead, we recommend that parents and students request to see any certificates they believe are relevant to the activity or tuition that they will be receiving at their first session. We also encourage parents and students to arrange to make contact with the tutor or activity provider through our messaging and video call service, and ask any questions you may have before making a booking with them.

Make Contact

We also encourage parents and students to make contact with the tutor or activity provider through our messaging and video call service, and ask any questions you may have before making a booking with them. This is a free service provided by Classhub to ensure both Parents and Tutors are completely satisfied before making a booking.

Classhub code of ethics

EWe also make it mandatory for all teachers, tutors and providers to review and accept the classhub code of ethics when creating a profile

Requesting a valid government ID

Every tutor and activity provider is required to upload a copy of a valid government ID document (ie passport or driving licence), that is in colour and in date. This is then automatically verified by Stripe, our payment processor. This also happens before they can set a class live.

Identity checks

Tutors and activity providers have the option to provide a recent ID check from any relevant background checking organisation, we suggest using checkback.ie and heavily encourage all our providers to verify their profile. To make it easy, we also agree to pay for it up to the value of €30.

If you see this symbol it means that the profile is verified, if a profile does not have this it’s not necessarily a bad thing as it can take up to a week for an account to be verified, so maybe check back at another time or ask the tutor or activity provider why.


We encourage every new tutor and activity provider to submit two positive references after they sign up to Classhub. These references must have a contact number or email for the provider of these references. All references are authenticated by Classhub and if they check out, we upgrade your profile to trusted status.


We hope these details make it very clear how we approach the subject of trust but, of course, if you’ve any further questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line at support@classhub.ie